Key Habits on How to Immerse Yourself in English

Have you got the overall mechanics of the English language down in your head? You have studied a bunch of vocabulary, common phrases, and grammar tenses. The thing is, when you are speaking in English, you still find yourself translating in your head in the middle of a conversation over coffee. There are awkward pauses, and you are quickly trying to search your memory banks for the proper tense to express your ideas.

As much as you want to enjoy exchanging ideas with your English-speaking friend or co-worker over coffee in a social environment, you both can’t help but feel that the conversation is strained.

Don’t worry! It will get easier. And the wonderful thing is…you are doing exactly what you need to do to get your English-speaking skills to the next level. YES, that’s right. English language immersion!

Just to make surer you are checking ALL the right boxes for your language immersion and FAST improvement, here are key habits to immerse yourself in English!