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Private & Group Children Lessons

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Teacher Vicki

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Hello, my name is Vicki and I am a qualified English Tutor working with Immerse English.  I am a UK native and currently live in the World Heritage site of Ironbridge.

I have been teaching children English for 3 years. I have a level 5 TEFL certificate which specialises in teaching online as well as an honours degree in Video.

My role is to help develop your child’s English in an empathetic and encouraging way, not to raise my voice or criticize their mistakes, which often discourages learning and children lose their confidence. I am extremely patient with children, as being a mother of a young child myself; I understand that children learn new things in their own time. This is why; I customise my lessons with visuals, props, songs and quizzes to suit their best method of learning, so that they develop their English further in the best way possible.

Why choose me? 

Customisable Lessons

I design lessons around your needs. Whether you need help with reading, writing, listening or speaking English, I can adapt lessons to help you further your English skills and to sound more like a native speaker.         

Writing with Pen

Homework Provided

We love homework at Immerse English, and I can provide suitable tasks after every lesson so that you can continue to practise your English even after our lesson has finished.

Doing Homework

Make it fun!

If you prefer to learn English through playing games, songs, movies, humour or simply through having conversations with me, I can personalise your lesson how you wish so that you not only enjoy every lesson with me but you develop your English to a high standard.

Learning is Fun

Friendly Atmosphere

Children learn best when they are relaxed. Therefore, I ensure that my lessons are friendly, engaging and fun, so that children feel comfortable to use their English skills with me.