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Welcome to Immerse English – an online English language community that provides you a great platform to practise the English language from the comfort of your own home. We provide group and private lessons guided by a CELTA qualified native tutor for affordable prices in a flexible schedule. Immerse English isn't just a vocabulary boosting app, or an online tutor portal - it is a site where you can enhance your confidence and proficiency in all aspects of English. 

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What Our Students Say

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Flavio & Karoliny, Brazil

"I could not believe that I would speak English in my fifties. However, I have met Jonathan and everything has changed and I even incredibly got my IELTS score improved. Thanks Rogers and Immerse English team" - Flavio

"Everyone asks me: why do you want to learn English? It's because I feel alive.  After 30 years of age and with many chores, learning a new language is not easy, but when I met Jonathan, speaking English became uncomplicated.  He is so good at what he does that I went to Nottingham to meet him in person and today we are friends" -

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"Enrique, our 7 year old son is exposed to three different spoken languages namely Indonesian, English and Dutch since he was born. This situation is sometime confusing for him in order to speak English in a grammatically correct way. However, having to work with Vicki and the custom made Immerse English online learning program we see a significant improvement of actually all aspects of Enrique's English language skill, from phonics, spelling, reading, writing, grammar listening and speaking. Thank you Vicki for being a brilliant teacher for Enrique!" -

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More Student Comments

Yeonu, South Korea

"He is the most enthusiastic tutor ever. I have studied English with many tutors and I guarantee he is the best teacher! He always tries to meet specific needs of student. Not only this, but also he provides interesting materials if I don't have specific needs for a session. Also, sometimes I don't feel like doing academic class, but just want to have casual conversation. It was never boring when speaking with Jonathan with any topic because he is a good listener. What I want to say is that don't hesitate and just book his classes!"

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Abidin, Turkey

Evandro, Brazil

Video Testimonials

CY Ho, Hong Kong 

Jonathan of Immerse English is a patient and well-prepared teacher.  He identifies my area for improvement and customizes the lesson in a more structural way.  This helps me learn English quickly and build my confidence in daily conversation. 

Anna, Poland

Immerse English has helped me by expanding my vocabulary and learning all types of different phases. Also, I had a problem with my pronunciation, and Jonathan has made sure it sounds so much better! He is very flexible when it comes to a customer's needs and adjusts his lessons depending on what I wanted. A fantastic experience!!! 

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noun_Ratings stars 5 of 5_1580825.png
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