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Best Language Learning Applications for Beginners

Do you want to move to a new country?

Tired of being the only one who can't switch from one language to another at the party or tea table?

Do you want to break into new markets for work with your newly acquired language without needing a translator each time?

Does your significant other speak another language and you would like to learn the language too?

While all the above reasons are motivations enough to learn a new language, you will want solid resources to help you achieve your language learning goals.

Learning a new language can be inspiring and at the same time, it can have its moments of difficulty.

Sometimes, you may be picking up phrases but can't quite find the exact word to express your idea.

Because words have different connotations and meanings from your native language it is key to gather vocabulary so you can express your ideas with precision and even light humour.

According to US Foreign Service Institute it does not take 1000 hours to become fluent in a language.

Actually, it takes the average person 480-720 hours to achieve fluency in a foreign language.

This means with the right amount of time delegated to learning new vocabulary, expressions, grammar and syntax, YOU can be fluent in your desired language in a few months.

This means you will want to use your time with efficient tools and opportunities to immerse yourself in foreign language. One way to expand your vocabulary is through vocabulary learning apps.

For the people who want to take advantage of the endless possibilities of picking up new vocabulary to better express your ideas, these four language learning apps are the best for learning new vocabulary in a new language.

Here is a list of the top 4 vocabulary learning applications you can use to expand your vocabulary in your desired target language quickly, efficiently and easily!

1. Duolingo

For those who enjoy game-learning, duo-lingo is the perfect vocabulary building app! If you have a hard time diving onto deep learning for hours, then the quick bite-sized lessons in duo-lingo are perfect for YOU!

The app has a fun and engaging owl avatar. Every time you advance a level, the owl is upgraded with cool gear. It is the perfect app to build vocabulary, grammar, and sentence structures consistently and on the go.

The app is FREE and fun.

2. Memrise

For the jack of all trades who seeks to master all trades, Memrise is the ideal app to have in your tool box for learning new languages.

In addition to learning vocabulary, you can indulge your unique learning style by entertaining multiple subjects.

Learn about history, geography, math and science and synthesize your new information by chatting with other people on the app!

3. Babbel

For the language learner who is focused on pronunciation and bite sized lessons, this 6 minute a day pronunciation lesson will help you improve your accent and sound placement in over 15 languages.

Navigating your way to sounding like a native speaker is seamless and easy.

Stay motivated with one quick and daily lesson app to supplement your language learning journey.

4. Busuu

Did you know one of the best ways to reach fluency in any language is to make friends who are native in your target language? For this reason, the language learning app Busuu is one of the best language learning apps out there.

You will learn grammar and vocabulary then be able to put your knowledge into action by talking with native speakers via a chatting function and getting instant feedback.

Each lesson is self- paced to be suitable for all levels of learners.

Remember, that applications can only help you, and cannot be solely relied on to become fluent in a language. As always, my main message to students learning English is that they need to be fully immersive in the way they approach the language, from watching movies on Netflix, to having online private or group lessons on Immerse English. It requires time, and a lot of hard work.

Book a free introduction lesson by contacting us today!

Now that you know the best language apps to help you with your language learning goals, download the app which suites your learning style and let us know how you are progressing with your new tools in the comments section below!


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