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Happy Birthday Immerse English - New Blog Launched


One year ago today

On August 31st, 2020 - a national holiday in the UK - while most citizens were basking in the sunshine in a reprieve of pandemic restrictions, I was confined in my home-office preparing to give my first ever lesson on Immerse English.

Teaching online wasn’t new for me, as I had been accustomed to it for a few years on other platforms. However, the new dynamics of working for myself, and not for others gave me a new kind of pressure that I hadn’t undergone before. But it is one I would continue to relish, and it always spurs me on.

After a few months of solid work and preparation, the website launched, the lessons began, and I never looked back. Immerse English was born.


Thank you, the students!

No one forgets their ‘firsts’. Whether that is a kiss, a job, or even food you hadn’t tried before. So, I won’t forget my first official lesson that occurred on August 31st. It was with a woman from South Korea, who I remain in contact with to this day, who I must thank for tolerating the most ill-equipped lesson. She’s now undertaking a PHD in the US, and I wish her well.

For my sake, it wasn’t the last student to enter the doors (or in a virtual case, join a Zoom link). Who would have thought that over 150 students would join Immerse English, from over 30 different countries? Certainly not me, but that is the reality!

From China to Italy, Madagascar to Brazil, Mexico to Turkmenistan…students have literally come from all corners of the globe to Immerse English.

A student asked me “What is the best part of your job?”, and without hesitation, I answered ‘Students!’.

As a teacher, the satisfaction you get from students progressing and reaching their academic, professional, or personal goals cannot be matched.

Students obtaining a 7+ in IELTS, securing a new job, or just having confidence to speak English whilst travelling is what I strive for.

Not only this, but despite being the teacher, I find myself transforming into a student, learning so much about cultures around the world.

So, students – I thank you all!


Immerse English - Children Lessons

Just four months after launching, I needed another tutor, to particularly help with me the increasing demand for children lessons.

After multiple interviews with many outstanding candidates, I finally found Vicki.

From the get-go, I believed Vicki would be an extraordinary teacher to join Immerse English.

From a student’s perspective, you immediately hear her clear accent, embrace her friendly demeanour, admire her patience, and enjoy her engaging and fun lessons.

From my perspective, I see her behind-the-scenes, and I witness her devotion and conscientiousness.

She teaches children between the ages of 5 to 13, and has already taught over 20 students. I hope to continue collaborating with her long into the future.

If you would like a free introduction lesson for your child. Contact us!


Look Ahead to the Future

The idea of Immerse English came about like all great ideas do – it dropped in my mind while taking a shower. After the pandemic had badly affected my clients for my other job as a content writer, it gave me a lot of time to explore avenues elsewhere, and I decided to devote my time to creating a platform that would give students the best possible online English lesson.

Immerse English is still very much a work-in-progress. In the past year, I have seen both of my brothers become fathers, and even though it cannot compare, Immerse English is my ‘baby’ (although it doesn’t keep me awake at night). It will continue to grow, and this blog is the first step, but many other developments will happen as long as my determination and passion are intact. New articles will be added to this blog on a regular basis, that will include content for English speakers of all levels and teachers, too. On top of that, group sessions are returning offering students to boost their confidence to speak in all social, academic and working situations. Stay tuned! The ongoing pandemic has been a tough time for everyone, but the birth of Immerse English was certainly my silver lining.

If you are new to Immerse English, and are looking for an English teacher, then contact me to set up a free introduction lesson. There is nothing else to say, so let's raise a glass....cheers! If you have enjoyed reading, please like, comment and share. PS: If there is vocabulary you haven’t learned before that you read in the article, please comment and I can explain the meaning.


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